FitG™ Spine Stretcher & Massager

FitG™ Spine Stretcher & Massager

FitG™ Spine Stretcher & Massager

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Suffering from back pain?

You're at the right place! Irrespective of the level of back pain you are experiencing, it can quickly turn into a severe problem if you don't take action.

It could also lead to long term spine issues and might affect your quality of life.

Our FitG™ Spine Stretcher is an innovative and safe way to not only relieve you from back pain but also to improve your posture to a great extent.

Just 5-10 mins of your time everyday will result in a positive spine health. 

Get Your Spine Back to Normal 26° Curve

When ignored, spine curvature might go unusual causing sharp and deep back pain hurting your spine in the long run.

Acupuncture Massage

With our acupressure massage points, your spine is stretched in a way that creates space for healthy blood circulation in your spine that reduces stress on your disc and relieve pain.

How To Use?

There are 3 level settings on this stretcher and beginners usually start with 3rd level which is the most flat looking position.

We recommend starting with this and adjust as you get used to the stretcher for better results!

Long Term Results

If you use our Spine Stretcher on a regular basis, you will benefit in the long term with a one time investment.

Try our long lasting and durable FitG™ Spine Stretcher to end your back pain today! 

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